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Thursday, April 23, 2015


Spring is here and weather is really nice today, Sun is shining and birds are chirping, so I went to the park and sit on the bank and enjoyed that nice spring time. It is my favourite time of a year as leaves are so green and fresh, and flowers are blossoming. Air is so fresh and I not feel humidity yet.

I wearing 
Jacket / New Yorker
Hoodie / Cubus
Jeans / Topshop
Sneakers/ Nike

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Canon Powershot G7X video test in low light

Here is a short test of Canon Powershot G7X a camera that is good to vlogging and point and shoot photos. I has flip out screen that can be flipped towards our face and that way we see it and can do selfies and vlog.
Flip out screen is touch screen so it is very convienient way to fast focus on point that we want.
This camera has also small flash and wi-fi which alows us to easily send photos to computer or smarphone.
It has good video quality and good stabilisation that why many youtubers use it to vloging, picture quality is good too but not as good as in DSLR. Sample photos of this camera are in previous blogpost:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hello.Today I  went to the stroll and it was beautiful, sunny day but little chilly. Finally we got spring!!!  Spring florwers growing out of the ground and covering the area. It's getting greener in the park and some nice birds had come to the city. Near 4,30 am they start to chirping and singing, that means it is spring and then summer. Also in the Market Squere cafe gardens are already out and ready camly waiting for people to come- garden's season will begin. 
Warmer weather means we not need to wear big chunky warm clothes anymore, yay!
Can't wait until even  warmer weather then will be nice to go out on the nature. I miss forests, lakes and some nature.

  I am wearing:

Jacket- C&A
scarf- Terranova
Hoodie- Cubus
Jeans - Topshop
Sneakers - Nike Free run

Pictures taken with Canon Powershot G7X Camera.
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