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Friday, November 28, 2014

Zara shopping, winter 2014 collection, at zara store

Hello here is my vidoe from when I was in Zara store and was searching for a coat and did record collection.
I think that winter 2014 Zara collection is very cute and elegant and practical too.
There is so many things that I would buy but can not right now.
 Hope you enjoy and you can subscribe to my youtube channel: margorud channel

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Fall is ending soon here in Poland and I can feel it in the air and bones. I like the fall with mutlicoloured leaves on the trees and then when they falling down. I like the fall with some hot waves fronts from Africa that brings still warm weather but now that part of fall already ended and now is so wet and moistery fall that I not really enjoy. And also it is hard to know how to dress up if in winter clothes or more lighter versions as you never know if that wind will freeze you or maybe it will be no wind and will be warm still, too warm for winter parka and winter heavy boots. I not like to be too warm too and then to sweat like on the gym during normal stroll. That why this outfit is still more for warmer days in the fall and all clothing pieces are not heavy and still light but keep me warm and that is good for now. I wear hoodie from fleece with big collar then topshop jeans in boyfriend style, that why they are loose and they are made from soft type material. For boots I wear my Ugg Australia Bailey Button Mini boots in Chestnut color and I really love them. Aren't they cute?
What do you like to wear in fall season? What boots do you choose for a fall?

I am wearing 

Hoodie / C&A
T-shirt/ H&M
Boyfriend jeans / Topshop  avaiable here
Boots / Ugg Australia  avaiable here

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